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LOUNGE NEWBIE [Ny i Loungen in English]

februar 20 @ 17:30 - 18:30


  • I have no experience with rope, how do I do?
  • How to approach tying with someone I don’t know?
  • Is it only men who tie women in Kinbaku Lounge? (Spoiler alert: no)
  • Do I need a partner to participate on a Tuesday/Friday?
  • How do I meet a rope partner?
  • What are the purple bracelets?
  • What are the go´s and no´go´s in the Lounge?

Many new people join each time we open our doors and the questions/myths are many – often non-danish speaking people, which is why, we offer this welcome opportunity for you, too.

The purpose of this evening is for you to get answers while experiencing a lounge evening and the atmosphere on your own.

We really want to preserve the unique atmosphere and open-mindedness that permeates our community. Therefore, we would like to welcome everyone new to the community with a presentation. At 19.00, the doors open for our regular Kinbaku Tuesday, and everyone is welcome to stay.

Coming for the first time on a Tuesday or Friday can be overwhelming, and can create uncertainty about how to navigate around.

Lounge Newbie is intended as an offer to all first-time visitors/new to the Kinbaku Lounge. Here we provide concrete tips and suggestions on what Tuesdays and Saturdays are all about, and which opportunities you have to meet new rope partner(s). We also offer practical tips on how to tie with a new rope partner – or with your own partner for the first time, as well as on communication and safety. Furthermore we will talk about how you can contribute to the atmosphere in the Lounge, whether you’re tying/being tied or there to socialise.

All newbies who prefer an English introduction – singles, (part of) couples and other relationships who would like to join Kinbaku Lounge – regardless of gender, sexual identity and rope experience.
[Danish speaking]Partners and friends are obviously welcome to.

DKK 100 / € 14 per person incl. Kinbaku Tuesday same night
Pre-registration required via Safeticket.
One ticket is purchased at a time in the participant’s full name.
Limited number of seats.



februar 20
17:30 - 18:30
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