My method and approach to ropes is influenced by my practice of yoga and bodywork, together with many years of professional experience on both sides of the ropes.
My teaching is directed to both riggers and models, guiding them to develop active, conscious and efficient partnerships in order to create successful rope experiences.
The OPUS method is built on the study and deconstruction of the rope’s and body’s mechanics and
my pedagogy encourages independency, freedom and creativity while maintaining a fundamental background of safety, knowledge and awareness.

All classes are presented in ENGLISH to welcome an International audience.

This workshop is adressed to students of intermediate to advanced level :

– know at least one TK fit for suspension
– have achieved at least one successful suspension
– understand and master basic suspension lines management




– Introduction to the method
– “Better” bottoming ?
– Communication tools / Mutual Awareness
– Warm-ups, useful stretching and body prep.
– Control VS Power
– Study of gravity
– “Passive-agressive” control VS “Active/Conscious” control
– Intro to basic body mechanics
– Conscious movement and body management
– Active/Conscious bottoming demonstration


– Body mechanics for the TK
– Gorgone’s TK (2 ropes pattern)
– Face-down (‘gyaku ebi’) Positional Study
– Hip-loaded Harness
– Scorpion Suspension


– Butterfly Harness (pattern)
– Scorpion Suspension w/ Butterfly
– Side-suspension (‘yoko tsuri’) Positional Study
– Torsion Positional Study :
“S suspension” Naka style inspired
(Calf loaded / Sitting)
“S suspension” Naka style inspired
(Thigh loaded / Standing)

«Utopian Bodies» is a two days workshop introduced by an evening class dedicated to rope bottoming skills (mandatory for both riggers and models attending the weekend’s classes). This program was designed to help build/restore confidence in the model’s body and capabilities as well as reinforcing the rigger’s understanding of both rope’s and body’s mechanics. It is ideal for riggers and models new to rope suspension.
This weekend focuses on the research for the optimal use of the body in ropes and how to achieve ‘high success rate’ suspensions, concentrating on positional studies rather than complex sequences.
The goal is to develop more awareness, confidence and stability on both parts in order to achieve stronger partnerships and rewarding experiences.

(NOTE : This is NOT a beginner workshop and riggers should already know and master basic suspension line technics and have achieved at least a few successful static suspensions.)




– Gorgone’s TK (3 ropes pattern)
– Hikyaku tsuri (Running-man suspension)
– Butterfly Harness (pattern)
– Suspension and transitions in the Butterfly
– «Study on Falling» full sequence


– «Shukabishi» Shibari (Full Body Diamond Pattern)
– Gorgone’s hip-harness
Movement Study in “self-suspension”
– ‘360’ full sequence
(Running-man / Gyaku Ebi / Sakaza tsuri / Bridge)

«Dynamic Bodies» is a two days workshop addressed to riggers and models interested in exploring ‘dynamic’ suspension and transition work. The content of this weekend is a perfect continuation to «Utopian Bodies», levelling up into more advanced and complex patterns, structures and sequences. The program aims to help both riggers and models develop mutual awareness and self-agency in order to successfully support each other in a dynamic process.
The goal is to find the balance between initiative and surrender…

(NOTE: Intermediate/Advanced level – Riggers should master suspension line management and both riggers/models should have achieved successfully a few transitions sequences.)




– Gorgone’s TK – 3rd Rope (front pattern)
– ‘Hog Tie’ : Floor, suspension, transitions
– Variations on the «Crab Tie»
– Gorgone’s Diamond «Hojo» TK


– ‘Kata Ashi’ suspension sequence
with Diamond «Hojo» TK
– Agura / Ebi : Floor, suspension, transitions
– Variations on «Daruma»

«Dystopian Bodies» is a two days advanced workshop focusing on exploring a more extreme and tortuous approach to rope suspensions and transitions. The modules of this class are less generic and demand from both part a stronger sense of adaptation to less predictable structures. This workshop is more challenging for the body/mind, playing and experimenting with more painful and chaotic structures and processes.
While «Utopian Bodies» focuses on understanding the body in order to navigate within its limits, the goal here is to ‘negotiate with the body’ in order to push the envelop.

(NOTE: Advanced level – Riggers should master suspension line management and both riggers/models should have achieved successfully a few transitions sequences.)