Trekronergade 149A, basement, 2500 Valby

Once inside the building please head down the stairs to “lowest” basement.

Parking: Free parking in the street – but NOT in the yard
Nearest station: Ny Ellebjerg
Line A-E-F
Bus 14

You are welcome to eat and drink in the Lounge. We have 2 kitchenettes with fridge, microwave and boiler free to use. If you spill drinks in the Lounge room, please make sure, that you also wipe dry below the  mats.

Our venue contains a huge bathroom, including 4 showers + changing area. There is 3 toilettes of our own in the staircase. The toilet in the bath room is unfortulately out of use.

There is a box in the bathroom containing menstrual stuff, deodorants, creams etc. free to use and free of charge.

Please collect a pin in the Kitchen, put your name on it and use it for your glass/cup. Please wash and dry all your own used service.

Please help to keep the venue tidy and clean. All offerings to help hoovering or tidying up during events is highly appreciated. If anything is missing or broken, please fix it or tell us.

Please always put your shoes in the shoe rack by entry.

Extra paper hand towels is in a box in the entrance of the toilets upstairs.
Extra toilet paper is in the entrance of the venue.


If there is a event going on the same weekend as the workshop, ex. Kinbaku Lounge, Show- & Playnight, please keep in mind, that none of them is included in the fee of any workshop, as our principle is, that you only pay for, what you want to attend. Please buy your ticket in advance if you wish to join, as it is mostly . sold out on the day, and we never sell tickets in the door.

Due to todays all-the-various-personal-preferences-of-food, we do not offer any kind of food in KInbaku  Lounge.
You are welcome to bring your own food or buy it locally. There is different options in walking distance from our venue.

ACCOMMODATION – only for workshop participants
Please remember to sign up via if you wish to sleep in our venue.
By registration please write if you need bed stuff and evt. towel.

Also please notice, that if there is any events happening in the night, those will be announced separately, and will end earlier, if there is any workshops on the Sunday.

By arrival Thursday night, please come between 22:15 and 22:30.
Please respect this timing, due to the classes we run Thursday night ans our kids at home.

The accommodation fee must be paid in cash (DKK or €) by arrival.
The fee € 30 per person, includes all days. No extra fee for bed stuff/towel.

Other events during weekends, ex. Kinbaku Lounge, Show- & Playnight etc. is not included in the accommodation fee. Please buy your ticket in advance if you wish to join, as there is no sale in the door.

If you don´t wish to join evt. Saturday night events, you must leave before 20:00 and be back between 23:00 and 00:00, where the event ends. It is not possible to stay in the other rooms of the venue during the event – Please don´t question that during the weekend.

If you are noise-sensitive, we will recommend you to bring earplugs for sleeping, as our venue is a part of an industrial building.

Please make sure, that it is expected and always pre-agreed, that anyone sleeping in the venue, is awake and out of bed by 9:00 in the morning, and that all sleeping stuff is removed, so we can start our preparations for the workshop, as we arrive.

If you have any questions related to any of the above or other, please contact Tanja at