Kinbaku Lounge is a night of ropes, where we cherish the atmosphere and intimacy a lot.

Kinbaku Lounge is held 1-2 Saturdays a month and is open for everybody.
You are free to tie/be tied, play and socialize as you wish – depending on your own lust and mood. There will be tied in a wide palette of styles at all levels from novices to advanced.

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At Kinbaku Lounge you can tie:

  • Erotic, sensual and sensational
  • Soft and/or dominant and everything in between.
  • Nude, partly or fully dressed.
  • Exclusively with you own/a rope-partner or with other/several as you wish.

Other elements, like candles, floggers, clamps etc is also welcomed.

Everybody is welcome – even you. Couples, part of a couple and singles. On your own or with your (rope-)partner and/or friends.

There is no demands or expectations for activity, neither in ropes or socialwise. It is just as fine to “just” come and watch. Everybody is encouraged to contribute to the atmosphere. The ones tying is welcome to sit in the lounge-area, enjoy the sight of others tying and socialize. Talking should be a bit subdued for the sake of the ones being tied.

Everybody who likes to find a rope-partner for the night, are encouraged to make themselves known, as it gives the opportunity to make a match with someone in the other end of the ropes or switch. In Wonderground we have a box of purple wristbands you can choose to wear, if you are searching for a rope partner. The purple wristband signals, that you don´t mind to be asked. You are always welcome to respond kindly with a “No thanks” or “Not right now” without any further explanations or excuses.


Check our Calendar


DKK 150,- / € 20 per person – buy your ticket(s) through Tickets are allways released the day after the previous Kinbaku Lounge has ended.
Please notice, that a limited amount of tickets will be sold for each Kinbaku Lounge, and that there is no tickets for sale in the door.

No membership required.

Anyone who wish to, can sign up for a supportive membership, which gives free entrance to all Kinbaku Lounges, Wondernights etc. and gives you 24-hours in advance to by tickets for all international workshops in Kinbaku Lounge. Read more here


As you lust. Partly and full nudity is allowed in Kinbaku Lounge.


Doors will open at 20:00 and closes at 21:00. A short welcome will take place at 20:10. We´ll continue ´till the last ropes off.

We look forward to welcome you!!