Kinbaku Lounge is a community for all ropeinterested and -curious people, where Kinbaku and ropes can be explored with full passion and lust – together with other likeminded ropeys.


Workshops in Japanese Bondage – Kinbaku
For all levels – Novices to Advanced.

Open Tuesdays every week 7-10pm
Everybody is welcome to join for practicing ropes, talk, socialize and have a cozy evening.

Kinbaku Lounge – an intense night of Japanese Bondage – Kinbaku
On a Saturday Night.

Photoshoots on Sunday afternoons every second month
A great option for photo-interested people, who like to create kinbaku-pictures.




Kinbaku Lounge runs a very active, secret facebook-group, Kinbaku Lounge Undercover, with about 750 members from all over Denmark, and some from abroad.
Contact us here for joining in.


All our Events and Workshops are also announced in our official Facebook group.